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Not sure how long I’ll do this… but I would like to start hiking again.

Yes, currently there is no way to contact me. When I last used a contact page on another web site, I got nothing but spammers.

Sometimes I will vent my exasperations at lack of info. I’ll then have a nice nap, and move on with my life.

I am thinking about posting my camping trips from years ago. The camping story about the pancakes took place in Maryland about 1961-62.

I bought a book, ‘Explorer’s Guides: 50 Hikes in Alabama’, has info on hikes, but I haven’t used it yet as a guide. Some of the maps are small and/or blurry. A good read, has details of trails.

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I designed this site by myself, without any help from the site.

August, 2017

Aug 29 A bit late but the Cheaha Challenge, 2017 has been added. Six photos this year. Aug 21 Added 2 Eclipse photos. article


Mar 29

Redoing the site navigation menus. I have updated some of the navigation menus at the top of the page, added a number of links.

Mar 25

Added two new articles with maps and info on new trails at Cheaha State Park. I’ll be adding photos as well. Overlook between Cheaha SP restaurant and pool added. Added pictures for the CCC dam and waterfall. Working on a redo of the navigation menus. Done, if you spot any mistakes, you know which hiking forums I post to.


Added some new Cheaha State Park, Alabama photos.


Dec 14

Added two photos of my new Six Dimensions Scout Tent. I have set it up once, very easily done, check youtube for videos, and it fits my over 6 feet tall frame just fine.


Nov 15

Added sketch maps of the area, and interior, or Cheaha State Park, Alabama.


Sep 3

Adding some Adam’s Gap photos and a small section of the south bound trail. Done. Adding some photos of the Pinhoti Trail just south of the Cheaha Trail head.


July 5

Fixed picture links for Cheaha State Park, Campground 2.


June 28

Working on adding tags.


May 20

Added 3 photos I took of the 2016 Cheaha Challenge.

I have been told a new map of Cheaha State Park, more accurate than the current sketch maps, is being made.

I bought a WeightWatcher’s pedometer. It zeros out at midnight, so I have to write my distance down before then. But it will never rely on uploading to my computers, no firewall update concerns.


Apr 8

Been on second hike. Handled it better than the first one. Walked further as well. Both on Cave Creek Trail just south of Cheaha SP in Alabama.

One problem: distance covered and sources.

NF/Geodeitic Survey Topo map sidebar says 3.5 miles one way. Trail signs say 3 miles one way. My fitbit flex says 2.65 miles one way. Sketch map from Cheaha store says 3 miles. A listing of hikes from the same store, both of these are free, says ‘about 3 miles’. So, I have no idea how far I’ve walked the second time. I’ll just say 5.3 miles total.

But it doesn’t look like I’ll be doing the Benton MacKaye Trail this year after all.

Apr 6

Added the photos I took of a partial hike of the Cave Creek Trail just south of Cheaha SP.

And added this article so you weill know what is new here. Updated the site menus.

Previously to this date:

Camping trip to Cheaha SP, Alabama. My comments on gear I have looked at and purchased.

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Not very good pictures, but I used what was available. My guess on the first photo is that with the special eclipse glasses on the front of my cell phone, the camera used the distance to the glasses as the focus distance. So its out of focus.

Special glasses over the camera lens, and a colander shadow on the ground. The holes were lenses.

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