drive to Cheaha State Park

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I took a bunch of photos, I’m going through them now. Since I took them through the windshield, I had to trim them up a bit. You can still see dirt, or reflections, on the windshield in some photos. I didn’t get up to the restaurant/motel. I did get to the store, and the lake/campground #2. Took a photo, outside the gate, of the CCC Primitive Campsite.

The store had free photocopy maps of the local trails. The maps are sketches, so are not to scale. update: March, 2017: I have new maps from their store.

Campsite and trail check-ins are done at the store.

Posted 45 trimmed pictures I took. Part of the road up to the park, the area around the store and campground #2, and the entrance to the primitive camping area.

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