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I designed this site by myself, without any help from others.

April, 2019

Apr 23

Multiple sites out there linking to my images and placing them on their sites. Why not get your own photos and maps of the park ? Stop stealing mine. Thank you. ( Some of these site have nothing to do with hinking and camping. )

I’ll be uploading future photos at full resolution, 2048 pixels wide, so they are easier to see.

Added photos for Mike Bosarge Memorial Dog Park

Photos of down trees in the Primitive campground

Leave no trace information

Updated my take on the SOPAKCO MREs

I have only been on two hikes in the park.


Feb 26

Some of the entrees were incorrect, but Sopackco is making up for it. Thanks !

Feb 18

My MRE order arrived. I have tried one of the entrees and a side dish. MRE and items tried so far

I camp nearer the pavillion now. I hate hiking uphill to go to the restroom.

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