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Teepee photos

A series of photos of my newest tent, a six-sided teepee tent. It has lots of room.

I sprayed waterproofing on all of the outside of this tent. Dried for 24 hours and then it rained. There were leaks that I think were caused by the sides not being tight.

I will purchase more waterproofing before the next rain and see what happens then.

Reviews I saw on youtube mentioned that there are only two reinforced corners for the poles. I was able to locate them. I poles are along the outer wall corners, no center pole. i am over 6 feet tall, and I have plenty of headroom. The reviews say 7’ 2”. One of my relatives suggested the rain may have come in via the peak vents, if the wind was blowing hard enough for the water to go up the outside and into the vent.

both left sides


right side

both right sides


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