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Not sure how long I’ll do this… but I would like to start hiking again.

On April 23, 2019, I thought I turned off ‘image resize’ for this site, but its not happening. Images are scaled down.

Multiple sites out there linking to my images and placing them on their sites. Why not get your own photos and maps of the park ? Stop stealing mine. Thank you. ( Some of these site have nothing to do with hinking and camping. )

Yes, there is no way to contact me. When I last used a contact page on another web site, I got nothing but spammers.

Sometimes I will vent my exasperations at lack of info. I’ll then have a nice nap, and move on with my life.

I am thinking about posting my camping trips from years ago. The camping story about the pancakes took place in Maryland about 1961-62.

I bought a book, ‘Explorer’s Guides: 50 Hikes in Alabama’, has info on hikes, but I haven’t used it yet as a guide. Some of the maps are small and/or blurry. A good read, has details of trails.



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