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I looked up how to get the correct size backpack. I determine my torso size.

REI, Campmor, Gander Mtn, BassPro, The Outdoor World, etc. don’t sort their backpacks by torso size, nor by cubic inches.

They do sort by color, and what type of backpack it is.

I think they should add sort, or limit what I see, by torso length and cubic inch/liter sizes.

Most of these sites, with the exception of Gander Mountain and Campmor, it is very difficult to find anything. REI is okay to.

The Outdoor World site puts cubic inch sizes in the desciption when you get to the list of their backpacks. No info on torso sizes. Strangely, the description gives the backpack specifications, then says no specs available.

BassPro web site. Some back packs have torso length and some don’t. No means of sorting by backpack size, nor is it easy to eliminate types like long distance or day packs.

REI has backpack volume, but no info on torso length. Can eleminate day packs or long distance from the search. They do include ‘adjustable torso’ in the search.

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