an old camping story, 1

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Many long years ago. There was no dehydrated food for hiking and camping.

Back in the mid-1960s we were camped out and were handed our first dehydrated food. The camp ranger told us to carefully read the instructions. We had been given a pound bag of charcoal to cook with. We had used up most of it for supper, the evening meal.

The next morning, the guy whose turn it was to cook got up and fixed the food.

He reasoned that if the amount of water mentioned on the package would make that amount of syrup, then twice as much water would make twice as much syrup.

The other food item was pancakes.

So we had half-cooked pancakes with brownish water to pour on them. And the drink, whatever it was, didn’t disolve in cold water well. It was chunky, but sugary.

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