backpack arrived today

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Two separate main compartments, which I prefer. And an area below the pack where I can put wet items like a tent. Lots of zippers, nylon bands with snap locks. Some don’t appear to go to anything; however, they could be for a hydration system. I figure a gallon canteen and a bottle with a purifer would be enough. It does rain here, and there are plenty of streams, rivers, and lakes.

It fits.Which is wonderful. Its an Alps Zion external frame backpack. I remember when there were few internal frame backpacks, now there are few external frame backpacks. Probably a ‘coolness’ factor which I find boring.

A long pocket on one side is probably for tent poles or ice axe. Some pockets don’t have closures. Not certain what the manufacturer intended, but I’ll figure out something to put in there.

update: Turns out the long mesh pocket is for a hydration system. I’ll be using it for tent poles.

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