Hiking in Calhoun County, Alabama

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I found some trails mentioned online.

I also looked up groups, etc. to see what they had to offer in free hiking trips. Last one I could find was in 2013.

One trail is paved with asphalt. Seems a little weird to me. Rough on the feet, ankles, and legs. ( Chief Ladiga Trail)

The local forests have lots of hiking trails. So far, I haven’t found much info on them. Not much in the way of pictures.

I can see one reason for not many pictures. Those who have hiked them don’t want to spoil it for others.

But I would like to see more pictures so I can decide if I want to go on those trails or not.

Doesn’t have to be the entire trail, but the good spots like a waterfall, and rough spots like a boulder field or gravel, should be up on web sites so older hikers like myself can plan our hikes better.

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