putting it all into the pack

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Okay, putting all into the Alps Mountaineering Zion backpack of 3900 cubic inches.

sleeping bag, fiberfill, good for 20F.

water bottles, 3 MH entrees, 2 flashlights, sunscreen, 2 foot/chafe cream/powders, water filter, MSR whisperlite stove, MSR fuel bottle, maps, snacks ( nuts and fruits, and nuts in packages and snack bars), tent repair kit, cook pot with 2 cups for water, small mirror, rain suit, nylon rope for bear bag ( package said laundry line), biodegradable soap, other items.

The fiberfill sleeping bag takes up the entire top compartment. I do have the string that came up it up in a sort of tight roll. I might try it with that and see if I can compress it more and get some other items in there.

The separating nylon piece between the upper and lower compartments is not a solid separation. The piece is not sewn all the way around, there are gaps.

No room for the tent in the pack, it might fit in the area below the pack, by attaching it to the frame with the sleeping bag straps I bought.

Also not in the pack, larger of the two first aid kits, a small water bottle, cooling towel, duct tape.

I found that when I lift up the map flap of the pack, there is no stop sewn in. So two items slide down between the frame and the hiker side of the pack when I lifted it up. Okay for some things I guess, but if it was covered in plastic, cellophance, etc. it is going to be noisy right next to your head and ears.

I would rather have the first aid materials and not need them, then need extra bandaids and not have them… I did see on a forum about attaching water bottles to the front straps of a backpack. Duct tape likely wouldn’t be needed right away, say for a weekend trip.

So I need to attach the tent, decide on first aid things like moleskin to take, and a place for spare clothes and socks.

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