BMT trail maps

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I have ordered and received the first 2 maps for the Benton MacKaye Trail.

In looking over the National Geographic maps, I noticed this.

Map 1 the BMT goes up the map, then sideways. Connects to the other side of the map page and continues on. The map folds are easy to use as far as following the trail. Only the map part you need to read to see where you are is shown.

Map 2 the map is rotated 90 degrees across the folds from Map 1. So you have to unfold the entire map to follow your progress. It would be better if it was on the paper the same as map 1 which is on the other side.

Also, when the BMT, marked a 2 on the map, uses a orange color for the path, but not on the road where it connects to other parts of the hiking trail. I feel it should be color marked for all of the trail, that would make it easier to follow on the map.

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