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I designed this site by myself, without any help from others.

Note: Cheaha State park in Alabama has changed the camping area known as the Semi-primitive campground on Tower road, to Upper Primitive Campground. And their new reservation system requires Microsoft Edge to work. The pull down menu for days to reserve a site doesn’t work with Firefox.

May, 2021

Bought a new tent. The Ozark Trail 4 Person Outdoor Camping Dome Tent. The mosquito netting on top, takes up to half of the upper part of the tent. The rain fly is barely able to cover this wide open area. Unless they makes changes, my opinion is this is a warm weather/summer tent only. Cost was $37.

Ozark Trail 4 person dome tent 2 pages of photos.

October, 2020

Oct 5

Added 3 pages of photos on Ozark Trails 6 sided Teepee tent my new tent purchase. Cost was $56.00 plus tax. I am used to 4 sided tents and this threw me off a bit but I figured it out.

September, 2020

Sep 4

Added info on 1300 to 1500 calorie MREs from MidwayUSA made by NEX OS. Note that MidwayUSA will send you emails about things you have no interest in. I selected Camping and Hiking. I got, until I found the opt out link, received emails on buying everything but hiking and camping gear.

Sep 2

Added info on low sodium MREs I purchased from US MealKit Supply, they are made by SOPAKCO.

August, 2020

Aug 31

I bought some more MREs… low sodium was all I could find when I ordered them. No side dishes. The desert is one of these: crackers with jelly, a candy, or a toaster pastry.



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