Looking for info on how to get to hikes ?

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Interesting. I’m not sure where to go to find info on how to reach hikes in the area. I have been told by relatives that many in this area don’t hike. So I guess those who do know where all the trails are already know, and don’t see the need to tell others.

I suppose I will eventually find out where the trailheads are located. And maybe even find a road to get there on.

One site I found, not official, has maps, but you have to create an account to download the free pdf. Doesn’t say why its necessary. Probably some of that ‘to better serve you’ nonsense. And it costs $50 per year to download the free maps. Uhm, no thanks.

I kow there are people who hike in this area… I suppose I will get in contact with them so I can get to places and go hiking. I have joined the Alabama Hiking Trails Society. I signed up for their email newsletter and found they don’t have meetings during July and August. So I guess I’ll get my membership info in September.

I don’t expect to leap into hiking right away. I lack the big ticket items like; boots, backpack, tent, and sleeping bag. For hikes, I will probably just need a backpack and boots. I have most everything else.

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